Anna and the Egyptian doctor

 Docu-drama with animation

 About the film:

Muhamad Helmy, an Arab Egyptian doctor, rescued Anna, a Jewish girl disguised as a Muslim Nazi supporter in WWII Berlin. In 2013, Dr. Helmy posthumously became the first and only Arab recognized as Righteous Among the Nations by the state of Israel, however, his family refused to accept the award. Anna’s daughter embarks on a journey to meet Dr. Helmy’s nephew, who agrees to accept the award.

The meeting between the Egyptian nephew and the Jewish daughter leads us through time and to the places where this courageous story took place.

We have the support of  KAN (Israeli Broadcast corporation) and the support of the CLAIMS CONFERENCE fund for films.

We need an additional 80,000 Euros to finish the film. 

We ask your support to make this documentary happen.

We invite you to take part in the fascinating journey of telling Dr. Helmy’s story to the world.



Why is this film important?

The story of Muhamad Helmy and Anna shows how the human heart can bridge religions, cultures, and nationalities….

We want to spread this message of hope to the world.

Dr. Helmy’s story is a personal example for everyone who encounters injustice. It encourages us to show compassion and be accountable for our surroundings.

The film is even more relevant given the complex political and social realities of Europe today.

This is a rare opportunity to tell a story that transcends religion, politics, and prejudice, and emphasizes that, at the end of the day, we are all human.

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About the team:

Taliya Finkel (Director/Producer)

My name is Talya Finkel, and I have been a documentary filmmaker for over 20 years. My films have been broadcast on television, shown major film festivals, and won awards.

I heard of Dr. Helmy for the very first time in 2014, and his story fascinated me. The Egyptian doctor risked his own life to shelter a 15-year-old Jewish girl during World War II in Berlin.

This is a story of a man true to his values, who dared to stand against the evil around him during humanity’s darkest hour of history.

 Elise Lein- e&a film berlin (Producer)

A film producer based in Berlin works in the film industry since 2009.  e&a film berlin in 2017 as a subsidiary of e&a film in Vienna. This company connects entertainment and art, and produces different fiction and documentary formats for television, internet, and cinema.

 Many highly talented people are working on the film together with us:

Rafi Toren is a musician who has produced various musical works, including film scoring, in both Israel and Europe. He is also a stage artist, lecturer, and teacher of music, as well as a conductor for choir groups.

Omer Shadar has been a film editor for 20 years, is vegan, and a great person.

Yaron Shin, a.k.a. “Jewboy”, is Israel’s premiere animator.

Itzik Portal is a very talented, award-winning cameraman known for his fiction and documentary films. Google him!