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“EuroMission” (working title)  is a comedy about three activist friends who realize that nobody wants to hear them: they decide to embark on a mission to save the world by writing a protest song in order to enter with it to a TV reality show.

Will they succeed or will they waste time drinking coffee? The film will show the trials and tribulations of these “missionaries” as they attempt to deal with their inner demons and at the same time make a difference.

The aim of the film is manifest activism in animal rights and human rights in a non-preaching way. It might very well be the first and only film (so far) where activists don’t take themselves too seriously.

Meet Bernd

You may recognize him as the drag artist “Dutzi”. Besides his many artistic talents, he is an activist for gay rights. His biggest dream is to become famous one day and to work with his idol, Dana International.
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Film by: Taliya Finkel
Script : Taliya Finkel
Starring: Andreas Rigler, Bernd Eischeid, Helene Sust, Stephanie Siebenhandel , Michael Staudinger, Vanja Fuchs.
DOP: Andi Winter
Executive producer : Itamar Treves-Tchelet.

Costumes designer: Sandra Bachinger
Make Up artist: Karma Zöchbauer
Art Director and props: Michael Steinmetz
Poduction: Taliya Finkel Productions, RTX film.
Supported by: Vienna Culture Department MA7
Sponsored by: Direct Marketing – pink zebra theatre, das Theater und Performance
Label von Peter j .Fuchs “DIRECT MARKETING”