Sounds of Music

Photo by Sascha Osaka
Photo by Sascha Osaka

Music Documentary,50-80 min’.

Shooting format: HD, Shot in Vienna 2011-2013, in production.

Four immigrants aim to find their place in contemporary Vienna. Provided with an opportunity to create a non-spoken dialogue through music, and bridge cultural gaps in a city known for its xenophobia and cultural conservatism. They express their lives through music as they play along …

The doors of the Hofburg Palace, seat of emperors, opens up to these musicians to form a link between the cultural fringe and the Austrian consensus. In everyday life they all struggle, yet something will be different on the 6th of April 2013. This is the first time they will meet to create music together in the “Music Distillery” concert.

Film Directed by: Taliya Finkel

Filmed by: Christian Stolz, Matthias Obergruber, Joe Berger.
Produced By: Taliya Finkel Productions & KURT MAYER FILM
Featured Musicians: Marwan Abado , Sveta Kundish , Joshua Korn, Salah Addin.

Trailer Sounds of music (May 2013) from Taliya Finkel Productions on Vimeo.