Freedom Farm Sanctuary

Freedom Farm Sanctuary/Documentary Series by Taliya Finkel | 6 Chapters. 8 minutes each. Premiered on Israeli Television Channel KAN 11 “Imperfect” volunteers are transformed by the experience of caring for rescued “imperfect” farm animals. This optimistic and profoundly moving documentary invites us to follow the journey of the unique relationships that develop between the ‘imperfect’ […]


Film About the Fascinating Rabanit Kook Running Time: 50 min’ “If I saw someone else screaming like my mother, I would be sure that person was mentally disturbed, if it wasn’t 100% authentic…” This is what Israel Meirsays about his mother, Rabbanit Lea Kook, whose discourse, according to him, stems from absolutely authentic belief. The […]

Over my Dad’s Body

A documentary thriller. When Taliya was young, she never knew for sure whether her uncle was a KGB agent in disguise or a true member of the family. Her father claimed that his brother had been murdered in a Ukrainian prison and substituted by an imposter from the KGB, forced on the family by the […]

Mohamed and Anna – In Plain Sight

The movie “Mohamed and Anna in plain sight” is a TV educational movie that brings the exciting story of Dr. Mohamed Helmy, an Egyptian doctor who lived in Germany. He was recognized in Israel as the first and only Arab ‘Righteous among the Nations’. Ronen Steinke, a journalist, reveals to the audience a remarkable story: […]


  “Taliya.Date.Com” is a creative documentary that tells the story of Taliya Finkel’s quest for finding love in the estranged world of Internet dating. This quest is based on a mouse, a keyboard and Photoshop tricks. After every date, Taliya writes a “documentary poem”. She easily transforms what most singles consider as distress into poetry […]