MOM’S ANGELS Technical staff: Duration: 42 minHebrew, Polish and EnglishSubtitles : Hebrew or English CREW: Director & writer: Taliya FinkelFilmed by: Taliya FinkelEditor: Ami Drozd EditorMusic: Rafi TorenSound Design Avi MizrahiGrading: Gilli AnakiPoster: Guy David GazitProduced by: Shoshi Zupnik and Batia Kramer Trailer Editor: Tomer Golan

שם באחו – וידאו ארט

שם באחו / יצחק כצנלסון שם באחו, שם באחו, עמדה ציפור יפה, ילד שובב הרים אבן, זרק לה בכנפה שם באחו שם באחו, ציפור מתה נחה, עבר ילד, ראה אותה, ישב שם ובכה הסרט הסבר על הסרט מאת יפעת הר אבן סרט אקספרימנטלי וחוויתי זה מספר סיפור אלגורי,פשוט לכאורה, על ילד שהרג ציפור. על מניעיו […]

Out there in the meadow

Out there, in the meadow Stood a lovely bird to sing. One naughty boy picked a stone, And threw it at her wing. (Yitzchak Katsanelson) This experimental film tells an allegoric story, seemingly simple, about a boy killing a bird; his casual motive for the murder, and the way he feels about it in retrospect. […]


Narkissos is an experimental video dealing with the existential nature of women’s productivity, the absurdity and decadence hidden in every life.


Experimental video art, dealing with the dialectical meanings of art creation. The process of creating a sculpture (like any other art process) is metaphorical to childbirth. The relationship between the artist & her work as she gives birth to a “child”, who comes to life symbolically piece after piece. Later on the process of reconstruction […]

Spirits of love

In Vienna, a city where people of great spirit used to live, lives Andi – a New Age dude. Yearning for love, he searches for the girl of his dreams. His heart is open, love is blind. The spirits of love are taking him on a journey… Credits: Film Directed Produced Filmed and Edited by: […]

Great Grandmother, Great Grandfather

Directed by: Taliya FinkelIsrael “-Did you go on a honeymoon?-Honeymoon? In our dreams! Our entire life is honey…” This is the orthodox grandpather’s answer to his atheist granddaughter- the film director who tries to understand his strength of spirit, despite all the difficulties he has had to overcome throughout his life. The lifetime of Batiya […]